Phone and Cable Lines

At All Pro Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning, Inc., we also perform work on phone and cable lines. Do you need a second landline in your office? Do you want to be able to watch all of your favorite reruns while you kick back and relax? For these needs and more, call our phone and cable installation professionals, and let us connect you to the outside world! Our insured and licensed electrical contractors have been serving the Boca Raton region since 1995 and have more than 31 years of experience in the phone and cable wiring installation business. Call today for quality customer service and workmanship that will stand the test of time.

Our phone and cable line professionals can perform custom installations tailored to the specific needs of your new or existing home or business. Depending on your commercial or lifestyle demands, we can install flush or surface-mounted phone jacks, add splitters to cable wires, and more. No matter how many televisions, landline phones, or Ethernet jacks you desire, we will help you design an excellent cable or phone service system. We can work with above-ground wiring and underground wiring and can even perform work on multi-unit constructions. Contact us to learn about your installation options!

In this age of cell phones, there is still room for traditional landline phones. For the times when your cell phone is lost, stolen, out of range, or out of battery power, it’s nice to be able to turn to the reliable landline to contact friends and family and take care of business matters. Our cable installation and Ethernet installation professionals enable you to kick back and enjoy a television show or good surf on the Internet. Call or e-mail the experts at All Pro Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning, Inc., and let us bring you entertainment, communication, and information!

Working with phone and cable lines carries the risk of electric shock. To ensure your safety and to ensure quality work that will operate properly and have a long life, call in the experts. We can secure your wires from damages and provide them with proper insulation. Get the most for your time, and save yourself the stress of performing the job yourself. For results you can trust, call the professionals at All Pro Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning.

Phone and Data Line Repair

Did a recent lighting strike fry your phone line? Is your cable inexplicably on the fritz? At All Pro Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning, Inc., we can also perform repairs to have your malfunctioning lines up and running properly again. For all of your phone and cable line repair needs, call the experts at All Pro Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning, Inc. All of our repairs and installations are done with the aesthetic of your home or office in mind. We will take care to incur as little disturbance as possible to your decor.

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